Anglin’s Ford Trading Post and the Barbour County Development Authority are the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce Members of the Month in December. 

Pictured from left are Nicky Mayle, Retail Business Incubator Manager of the Anglin’s Ford Trading Post, Cheryl Wolfe, the Director and Reg Trefethen, the Manager of the Barbour County Development Authority. 

The Anglin’s Ford Trading Post opened in November of 2016 with 17 vendors who were invited to sell their products in store-front space without the expense of funding a stand-alone business.  Anglin’s Ford was an early name for the town of Philippi.  The new Trading Post now represents 30 vendors and offers one-of-a-kind antiques, crafts, artisan products, socks, soap, candy, toys, and Alderson Broaddus University logo items.  The Trading Post also provides art classes and sewing services to the public. 

Starting January 1st, Anglin’s Ford Trading Post will become an independent business when the current incubator manager will take over operations.  “A purchase from our store is an opportunity to re-invest in the community and support local residents” Mayle said.  “We are hopeful that the Trading Post’s downtown location will encourage more entrepreneurs to open businesses in downtown Philippi”. Anglin’s Ford is open from 10:00 6:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday at 13 North Main Street in Philippi.  Telephone 457-0500. 

“The Barbour County Development Authority is charged with promoting Barbour County and encouraging economic development for the benefit of our citizens”, says Director Cheryl Wolfe.  “We help expand existing businesses and assist new businesses to get established which will contribute to the employment and overall financial well-being of the county.” 

Wolfe reports that the Authority assisted the Woodlands Development Group to purchase and renovate three historic buildings in downtown Philippi, opened the retail business incubator at the Anglin’s Ford Trading Post to provide an opportunity for vendors to sell their products, and assisted two other businesses in the county to expand and utilize dilapidated buildings.  The Authority has partnered with Alderson Broaddus and Pierpont Community College to offer entrepreneurial classes while assisting the Amish Community to locate to the county.  “Eventually we hope to see Amish wares for sale which will attract visitors from outside the area to eat, purchase products, and stay in the community”, she said.  The Barbour County Development Authority is located at 20 South Main Street in Philippi, Telephone 457-1225.