The Barbour County Fairgrounds and County Park is located in the historic town of Bellington.  The Bellington area was home to pre-Revolutionary settlers (circa 1760s), and was the location of the first inland engagement of Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War, known as the Battle of Phillipi, on June 3, 1861.  With our rich history as playing a vital part in the founding of our country through the era of Reconstruction to present-day, we are proud of our Barbour County heritage.  In celebraton, our local community comes together every Fourth of July for our Independence Day fireworks display at the Barbour County Fairgrounds.  This is also the community gathering place for our annual end-of-summer Barbour County Fair and carnival.  Come enjoy the exhibits, the 4-H horse show, the King and Queen Pageants, the parade, the car show and more.

The County Fairgrounds is also the location of the Barbour County Park, a public recreational spot for all to enjoy.  Grab your picnic basket, trailer up your horses, and head to the park for an afternoon of fun.  The park hosts playground equipment for children, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, a lighted baseball/softball field, horse and cattle barns, open and covered riding arenas, sheltered areas, as well as an amphitheater venue.  Be sure to keep the County Park in mind for your small or large group activities: all are welcome.