The Barbour County Chamber of Commerce has scheduled a public open house at the Barbour County courthouse as a rare opportunity for the community to view the restored historic building and its celebrated court room.  Although the first county court session was held in 1843, the current structure was newly dedicated in 1903 and the courtroom restored to its original glory in the year 2000. 

The public is invited to process through the security gate at the North end of the building in time for a 4:00 O’Clock meeting on Wednesday, April 10th with host Gerald Fogg, Circuit Clerk of Barbour County.  Because of the active metal detector, visitors are reminded to leave pocket knives at home along with other dangerous items currently banned from the structure.  An elevator is available to take visitors to the upper floors.

“The opportunity to show our courthouse is an unexpected pleasure of becoming County Clerk,” Fogg said.  “I would like all of our citizens to see and to know what a treasure we have right here in our community”.

Fogg’s tour will feature the courtroom on the top floor with its vaulted ceiling and stunning stained glass dome, regarded by many as one of the most impressive courtrooms in West  Virginia..  More than a showcase for history and architecture, the Barbour County courthouse is a working administrative building where county officials administer the governmental needs of the county.  Reservations are not required.