Located three miles south of Philippi, West Virginia, the Barbour County Airport is also known as Simpson Airport. It is associated with the FAA airport code 9W3. The facility covers 89 acres and offers a convenient way for people to travel by private airplanes into the county. Some providers also offer helicopter tours, giving Barbour County's visitors a bird's-eye view of the area's breath-taking mountains and valleys.

The airport was established in 1947. Thanks to a coordinated effort from the area's airport authority, along with improvements that cost several million dollars, it is hoped that the facilities will be used more frequently for air travel. Recent construction projects at the airport include a fuel farm and a complex comprised of ten aircraft hangars. Aircraft tie downs are also available.

The Barbour County Airport has a single runway stretching 1,500 feet long and 50 feet wide.  It is lighted and regularly attended. Additionally, the fact that the airport does not charge a non-commercial landing fee makes it an attractive spot for aviation enthusiasts who have their own planes. The Barbour County Airport is a privately-owned facility.