The Carrollton Bridge is one of the only two remaining covered bridges in Barbour County.  It is the third-oldest covered bridge in West Virginia, and it is still in use today.  It was built in 1856 by the O’Brien brothers: Emmett J. and Daniel at an original cost of $4,819.26.  One feature that has kept the bridge strong through the years is its Burr Arch support system.  Only three bridges in West Virginia make use of the Burr Arch, and two of them are right here in Barbour County.  (The other is the famous Philippi Covered Bridge.)

The Carrollton Bridge still stands on its original site as it spans the Buckhannon River on the road that leads to Audra State Park.  It was originally 140’ 9” long and 16’ wide.  In 1962, the bridge was declared unsafe for travel, so the Barbour County community came together to renovate their beloved site.  They replaced the timber deck with a 150’ 3-span concrete deck making it West Virginia’s second-longest covered bridge.  Today the bridge consists of a 12’-wide roadway and a 3’ sidewalk for foot traffic.  The newer deck is supported by the addition of two concrete piers. 

Recognizing the Carrolton Bridge is easy with an attractive large wooden cruciform at its end gables.  It has a board-and-baton siding and a modern shingled roof.  This enduring piece of Barbour County history is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.