Attorney Hunter Mullens, President of the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce, presented his 2022 President’s Award, to the volunteer fire fighters of Barbour County, including the members of the Philippi Volunteer Fire Department shown above.

Presenting the award to Philippi Fire Chief Dave Utt, Mullens expressed the appreciation of the members of the Chamber of Commerce for all the men and women who give their time and their talents without compensation to train for and to fight fires and who respond to the multiple vehicle accidents which happen throughout the county.

The Philippi VFD volunteers include Fire Chief Dave Utt, Departmental Chief Michael Metz, . Assistant Chief Dylan Harper, Captains Steve Barker and Raymond Hicks, Chaplain Bob Wilkins, Junior Fire Fighters Daniel Boise, Andrew Thompson, Robbie Parsons, Gavin Utt¸and Robbie Parsons, fire fighters Shayne Brown, Nathan Barker, Jeff Gribble, Cody Curkendall, Justin Bomer, Jerry Stemple, John Green, Mark Fink, Gabe Skidmore, Josh Carder, Steve Robinson, Mark Fink, Sam Plum, Jacob Summerfield, Lacey Johnson, Sam Deffet, Jill Taylor -Phillips, and Corey Martin, and Probies Zach Self, Chris Lamkin, and Dalton Rowan.