“Committed to Learning for All” and “Better Engagement-Better Students- for a Better Future” are the mottos of the Barbour County Schools which include the Belington Elementary and Middle Schools, Junior Elementary School, Kasson Elementary/Middle School, the Mount Vernon Elementary School, the Philippi Elementary, Middle, and Barbour High Schools, as well as Volga-Century Elementary School.   The Superintendent of schools makes it a priority to see that the  educational program is enhanced through “book learning” coupled with “real life learning”. 

As part of their efforts to achieve their mottos and goals, the Barbour County Schools, with the support of the West Virginia Board of Education, actively pursue and implement technology-based learning opportunities in order to provide students with “21st century skills.”  These learning opportunities apply to staff as well so that educators may stay abreast of the most current technologies and pass this knowledge on to the students. 

Barbour County Schools provide a positive experience for students and families via safe, clean, and accessible school facilities.   They believe that education is paramount to developing personal and professional integrity in the next generation and can be achieved via a partnership between students, parents, schools and the community.

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