West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrissey and Consumer Representative & Compliance Specialist Pam Krushansky huddled with members of the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce and Barbour County Development Authority in a special session on Monday, August 31, over breakfast at the Medallion Restaurant in Philippi.  The Attorney General responded to specific questions and problems raised by the audience and discussed the role his agency can - and cannot - play in meeting the specific legal needs of the Barbour County community.  Several major concerns were described, including the lack of business investment, the condition of state highways, the declining income from the coal and gas industry, the shortage of grants and other funds for senior citizens programs and health care, the lack of protection from disability and Medicaid fraud, the drug and other problems in the public schools, the need for county-wide internet service, and the lack of legal support in processing arrests by law enforcement.  Philippi Mayor Jerry Mouser outlined several problems in process of solution, and discussed details concerning new and expanding businesses in the county.  Philippi Police Chief Jeff Walters, who was introduced on CNN and other network news channels as a “hero” in the recent incident at Philip Barbour High School, was given an ovation by those present following his appreciative comments for what the Attorney General is doing at the state level to assist Barbour and other counties.  Audience suggestions included completing the George Byrer Sports Complex at the county high school, marketing Barbour as a site for new business location, and selling several national organizations on hosting regional activities in our area.  Morrissey was urged to enforce existing laws and introduce new laws to protect the business community from illegal and unfair competition.  He explained what the Attorney General’s office was doing to protect West Virginia from unfair EPA requirements, grow employment rates, and coordinate the subsistence abuse efforts of the complex of state agencies.