Mike Cvechko, Moderator of Candidates Night April 28th at Philip Barbour High School,  reported a good attendance by the public to hear candidates running in the Primary Election for offices in Barbour County, West Virginia, and in the United States.

Hannah Swick opened the evening program with an Invocation and a rendition of the National Anthem, followed by greetings from Superintendent of Schools Jeff Woofter who also spoke in support of the school levy.  Questions from the audience were collected by Eric Ruf, President of the sponsoring Chamber of Commerce.  Ron Phillips served as the Timer.  Arrangements were in the hands of Mr. Gerald Furby, Adviser to the Future Business Leaders of America Club at the school.  Refreshments were provided by Broaddus Hospital.

Candidates who attended included Mike Manypenny, running for the U. S. House of Representatives, and Randy Smith and Incumbent Bob Williams for the West Virginia Senate.  Smith also spoke on behalf of Bill Cole, a candidate for Governor.  Incumbent Delegate Danny Wagner was on hand.  The candidate for state Auditor, Joseph Pizatella, was represented by Lynn Phillips.  Max Grove stood in for Agriculture Commissioner Kent Leonhard.  The state ballot was rounded out by the appearance of Bob Gorey and Karen Hill-Johnson, running for West Virginia Family Court Judge.

On the Barbour County side, Incumbent John Cutright and candidate Derick Spencer were present, as well as Gerald Fogg, the Incumbent Circuit Clerk.  Connie Kaufman attended as a candidate for Circuit Clerk.  Board of Education candidates present included Judy Gain, Reg Trefethen, and Incumbents Ron Phillips and Eric Ruf.  As officers of the sponsoring Chamber of Commerce, Phillips and Ruf assisted but did not speak.  Candidate Adam Starks was represented by his wife, Emily. 

All of the candidates running for the Barbour County Commission were on-stage, including Susie Cvechko, Incumbent Jedd Schola, and Rusty Taylor, as were all those campaigning for County Magistrate, including Ashley Cutright, D. J. Harris, Incumbent Kathi McBee, Chris Mulneix, Mark Ryan, and Whitney Upton-Cale.  Seeking the office of Prosecuting Attorney were Jodie Boylen, Thomas Hoxie, and Incumbent Leckta Poling.  Sheriff Phil Ferguson, running un-opposed, was also on-stage.

The audience was reminded that a second Candidates Night to hear those on the ballot in the City of Philippi election would be held Monday, May 2nd, at 6:30 p.m. at Philip Barbour High School.