Jennifer Poling, the Business Developer for Woodlands Community Lenders, addressed a full- house luncheon meeting of the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, October 6, at the Market Place in Philippi.

Community Lenders is an affiliate of the Woodlands Development Group, which has been financing small business and downtown revitalization in unique ways since 2012.

Poling said, “I was really pleased to see such a great turnout.  It is wonderful you have a strong interest in small business and entrepreneurship in our communities.  Woodlands Community Lenders is a non –profit community development financial institution that provides financing to existing and start-up businesses in Randolph, Tucker, and Barbour Counties” she said.  “Since 2012 we have made over 40 loans in our three-county area.

“Many of our clients are business owners who had difficulty getting bank financing.  Or, they could not obtain the funds they needed through traditional lenders. It is our mission to provide financing options and to assist in creating job growth in the region.  Many times we partner with local banks and other lenders to provide financing packages that work for small business.

“We are always willing to talk with business owners about their plans and goals,” she said.  “We welcome the opportunity to work with those thinking of starting a new enterprise.  We find that entrepreneurs can often benefit from our technical assistance and our strong relationship with business coaches at the West Virginia Small Business Development Center. 

“We would like for you to know that we are a resource for entrepreneurs,” Poling said.  “We have a unique perspective and depth of knowledge when it comes to keeping businesses profitable and sustainable in these challenging economic times.  Please give us a call at (304) 636-6495 extension 29, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”